The scientific secretary of Razavi Book Festival of the Year announced the new changes in the 12th Razavi Book Festival and its widespread developments over the past few years.
According to Razavi Treasury, Hojjat al-Islam Ali Bagheri said that the 12th Festival has moved toward a point where it can mix a social movement with a scientific approach: so far, eleven festivals, with the exception of two, have been held by Astan Quds.
He added: On the eve of the twelfth Festival, we made new changes in the form and content of the festival, based on the need for creating development in different areas.
Bagheri said that 3,000 works had been submitted to previous festivals, among those works 150 printed and digital books, 15 theses etc. at different periods were selected. But during this period, the conducting time of festival changed from annual to biennial, and the opening ceremony was held in 2019.
The Scientific Secretary of 12th Razavi Book Festival believed that the principle of the Festival Inauguration was due to being active in the scientific and social fields. He said the Festival has changed from a merely book criticism to book evaluation and has entered the field of criticism, reading and book content analysis.
He said about the major changes in 12th festival as compared with the previous ones were in the field of issues and execution. And he said nothing has been reduced from the pivots of the previous Festivals, but during this period, new pivots like the Imams after Imam Reza (AS) have been added. Moreover, the International Section has specially focused during this period, and the award of the Ale-Muhammad (PBUH) is also defined in this field.
Bagheri pointed to new changes that have been applied in the field of the Festival execution and said that:  The International Foundation of Imam Reza (AS) was the executor of the Festival but at present a scientific committee of 20 institutions is the promoter.
He explained: the process of evaluation has changed. In this regard two internal meetings about criticism on the selected works were held in Qom Seminary and Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and two webinar sessions in Lebanon and Dar al-Salaam in Tanzania.  
At the end, Bagheri stated that Astane Qods Razavi plays an important role in the realization of Islamic Modern Civilization. He said: “We are at the beginning of a historical pass. Due to the emphasis of The Supreme Leader on the formation of a new Islamic civilization, we expanded the contents of the festival from education to scientific subjects; for example, in the medical field, if a book is written in medicine it can be submitted to the Festival.


The 12th Razavi Book Festival Opens Its Way to a New Horizon
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