At the opening ceremony of the 12th Razavi Year Book Festival, the Deputy Minister of Cultural and Islamic Guidance considered this festival to be effective in advancing the cultural and intellectual processes.   
    According to Razavi Treasury, Abdul Hadi Feghhizadeh, University Professor of Tehran, at the inauguration ceremony, said: undoubtedly, one of the most important action of Razavi Festival in the field of Imamat and Velayat renders help to extend intellectual and cultural movement.
     Emphasizing the importance of Razavi Year Book Festival in other fields, He added: It is a valuable movement. It focuses on other fields with more correct attitude. Its effect can be multiplied by expanding the domain of Festival activity throughout the world.
    At the end, he stated, this affair may be possible through holding several meetings in different countries. He added: The expanding of this year’s festival can be more effective in broader geographical zones and can be more efficient in attracting of audiences.


The action of Razavi Year Book Festival is valuable in cultural and intellectual movement
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