Head of the organization of Libraries, Museums, and documents center: access became possible to the resources of Astan Quds Razavi Library for 100 countries

      He expressed that the aim of Astan Quds Razavi Library in endowment is to revive exquisite treasures, He added: Razavi knowledge digital Library of Astan Quds will be started by the end of this year.

      According to Razavi treasury, Hojat al-Islam Seyyed Jalal Hosseini stated: "Astan Quds Library has 30 million sources of information, now among them   14 million documents are preserved in the document section.
      Also referring to the importance of endowment, he added: Astan Quds new approach is, revival of endowment field. In the first step 20,000 manuscripts on the site are provided for scholars. we also provide IP access to digital resources at the request of research institute. In one hundred countries, these resources are also accessible through cultural counsellors.
      Hojat al-Islam Seyyed Jalal Hosseini in the field of guiding people for endowment act, stated:  there should be a basis for library endowment that   people should be aware of the need for a library such as book donation or manuscript or their repair. In this regard, the endowers are also honored in the form of cultural Tuesdays' program by introducing of documents.


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