Mashhad - a leader in the formation of a constitutional revolution

     During unveiling ceremony of first constitutional periodicals, faculty member of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad mentioned that Mashhad is one of the influential cities in the formation of the constitution.
         According to Razavi treasury, Dr. Youssef Motevali Haghighi in twentieth program of "Cultural Tuesdays" of the Organization of Libraries, Museums and Documentation Center of Astan Quds Razavi unveiled the first constitutional periodicals, described the role of Mashhad in the Constitutional Revolution and stated: Mashhad, unlike those who consider it was ineffective,  has been a leader in the formation of a constitution and has played a significant role in this process, as major cities like Tabriz and Rasht.
         He stated that not being recorded (failure in recorded) people’s struggles of Mashhad in historical books by great historians is one of its reasons. Referring to some of the most famous fighters of Khorasan and Mashhad, he stated that they were either born in Mashhad or started their campaigns from it and added: Heydar Khan Khan Amuoghli; Adib al-Mamalik Farahani; Malek al-Shoara Bahar , Sheikh Ahmad Bahar and Sultan al-Olama Khorasani, editor of Roho al-Qudos all include  among of them.
        He noted: Akhund Khorasani, the great leader of the Constitutional Revolution, who was leading it from Najaf, was also born and grown up in Mashhad. He also mentioned that uprisings of people in Mashhad and the tobacco protest movement in Mashhad are other examples of the main role of Mashhad people in shaping the constitutional revolution.


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