The newspaper is kept in the press archive of the organization of libraries, museums and document center of Astan Quds Razavi.

Mr. Bazargan, Prime Minister of Revolutionary Government
AFP Report: Preparations for historical meeting between Imam and Bakhtiar
The CIA chief admitted: CIA's failure in Iran was serious.
Ayatollah Ozma Shariatmadari declared in an interview: Representatives of all societies will participate in the Islamic Parliament.
Imam Khomeini will present the essential issues in his interview today.
Two hundred senior officials subject of arrest.Imam Khomeini is a popular Mujahid revolutionary among Iranians and other Shiites around the world: USA should not repeat the mistake of Shah.
Contacting military commanders for releasing air forces.
Ayatollah Taleghani declared: Airbase commanders must respond appropriately to the people.
Bani Sadr: The reason of economic bankruptcy of the country was the financial system of the regime.
Striking of foreign ministry staff against Ardeshir Zahedi
Statement 1: Strike of municipal staff of Capital City: The Engineer sharestani’s revolutionary move is approved by municipal staff.

Ettela'at newspaper, Monday February, Bazargan, Prime Minister, Revolutionary Government, AFP Report, historical meeting, Ayatollah Ozma Shariatmadari, Islamic Parliament, Imam Khomeini
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