The newspaper is kept in the press archive of the organization of libraries, museums and document center of Astan Quds Razavi.

Tehran Armed Bloody War Scene.

Eshrat Abad garrison arose.

The military group's quasi-coup act was aborted by people and Air Force personnel.

The city was heavily fortified by people to defend the revolution.

Tehran was shaking from gunfire and explosions until dawn last night.

Imam's fatwa about the soldier’s oath.

Imam Khomeini's Heavy Warning: I have not yet ordered Jihad, but I will make the final decision.

Bakhtiar: I'm ready to negotiate.

People seized weapons and took away weapons and ammunition.

Ettela’at Newspaper, Tehran, Armed Bloody War Scene, Air Force personnel, military, Imam's fatwa, Imam Khomeini, Jihad, Bakhtiar
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