The seminar of studying the role of documents in preservation and conveying of social events focused on Islamic Revolution documents was held at Document and Press Center of Astan Quds Razavi by a group of documentary experts.
Seminar on the Role of Documents in Preservation and Conveying of Social Events Focused on Documents of the Revolution

According to Razavi Treasury, Morteza Mirdar (assistant director of Document Center of Islamic Revolution), Alireza Kamarei (Documentary Researcher of Islamic Revolution) and Dr. Abolfazl Hassanabadi (director of Document Center of Astan Quds Razavi) delivered speech at the specialized seminar.

Interaction of documents with oral history in making history of Islamic Revolution, the Importance of using documents in making the social history of Islamic Revolution Documents, and the Importance of Topography in making the social history of Islamic Revolution were parts of the discussed subjects at the meeting.

Mirdar clarified: while making the documentary of the history of Revolution, the political aspects of the revolution have been highlighted more, but its social aspects have remained neglected; while the social contexts of our revolution are far more important and influential than the political aspects, and oral history interviewers must constantly consider these important points.

Mentioning about two types of approaches to interview, Alireza Kamarei added: Sometimes we interview people for the sake of content archive and if the interviewee trusts to that section, he / she will express his or her words. And sometimes we interview with the aim of publishing the content, so the interviewee may be act cautiously in order to tell the truth. In fact, both approaches have their own advantages and disadvantages.

During the program, Saeedeh Jalalian, an education and research expert at Astan Quds Razavi, presented a summary of her research on the graffiti history in Iran, graffiti during the Islamic Revolution and graffiti in Mashhad and their role in conveying the messages of Islamic Revolution.

Questions and answers and discussions on these topics were the final part of this specialized seminar.

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