Printed books

Printed books are available in Persian, Arabic, and Latin languages for patrons and library members in the AQR Central Library.

Books printed in Persian and Latin are available for Lending through the circulation rooms of men and women and for studying through open-shelf study rooms of men and women. It should be mentioned the Organization of AQR Libraries, according to its twenty- years outlook document, and for goals of progress and growth of study culture and book-reading, has created a library specialized in various subjects such as the science of Qur’an manuscript Hadith, Ahl al-Bayt, literature, history, geography, etc. Thus, patrons and members, who require the aforementioned specialized printed books, can study the planned printed books of the related specialized library.

It is interesting to note that the greatest number of printed Persian books (over 1,224,120 copies) maintain in the printed repository of the AQR Central Library. Therefore, if patrons and members of the library can't find the books they want in the circulation of books, open-shelf, and specialized libraries, they have to go to the Researchers Hall Institute by introduction letter, membership card, and ID card. Books requested by patrons and members, only for studying in the area, are requested by the librarians of the printed repository, and they can read the intended books in the open-shelf halls of men and women before the end of the workday.

It is notable that, for using the printed books of the print repository, the members of Ph.D., Ma, and BA with book writing or invention should visit the Researchers Hall Institute, and they can also use the other services and facilities.

furthermore, printed Latin books in the AQR Central Library are protected in separate hall called Foreign Books Hall, and library members, including both men and women, can visit the hall to study and borrow the Latin books.

Patrons and members can search their intended bibliographic books, retrieve the books' classification number, and become aware of the maintenance place through the software of the AQR Library.

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