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The required explanations will be given to an intern on how to accept an intern in the Organization of Libraries, Museums, and Document Centres of AQR, by an expert of the education department on the following matters:

Gaining allowance from the security, introducing to the office and the related departments for successful completion of the course, providing forms and compiling the relevant instructions and their influence on teaching interns, research and evaluation of the educational programs by implementing a quantitative and qualitative evaluation plan for training and internships, and sending internship results in writing to the Organization or institute that presents an intern.

 The following chart shows how to accept an intern in the Organization of Libraries,  Museums, and Document Centers of AQR. It is worth mentioning that before starting the training, with the exception of the field of librarianship, the needs are assessed by the office related to that field; if necessary, the intern will be accepted.

  • Presenting an introductory letter from the university to the education department of the organization
  • Adding the intern details to the organization's interns database
  • Referring the trainee or intern to the public affairs administration for introduction to the security
  • Referring the trainee to the security
  • Sending the agreement of security with the  internship and referring it to the education department through administrative automation
  • Depositing the receipt of the internship by a trainee
  • Introducing trainee to the relevant office by the education department
  • Automatic submission of the internship score report from the offices to the education department through a form
  • Arranging an evaluation certificate of training completion course through the education department and referring to the secretariat
  • Registering and inserting of date and the letter number by a secretariat and delivering the origin of the letter to the trainee for presenting to the university
  • Archiving of the a copy of intern score letter by the education department of the organization
  • Presenting of three-month internship report to the Head of the organization by offices separately
  • Archiving of a copy of the intern score letter by the  education department of the organization


For further information, call the relevant experts on 051-32232004 extension 3446

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