It is possible to join the AQR Central Library for all ages, even from middle school. According to the levels of education, specific codes will be given to individuals, and it is possible to use the services and various resources of the halls of the AQR Central Library based on the relevant codes.

For complete information regarding the membership method and the documents provided, please review the regulations.

It is possible to join the Central Library through the internet. Therefore, five days after completing the membership form and sending the scanned documents, it is necessary to visit the Central Library membership section days in-person with the origin of the documents and by presenting the membership number, deliver your membership card.

Please take into account that applicants must complete the membership form and send the scanned documents online, as there is no membership form at the Central Library. If an individual cannot do the mentioned above, he can go to the internet hall on the ground floor of the Central Library.

In addition, individuals who want to use the Central Library services for hours or days can use all sections and the specialized libraries except book circulation sections by filling out the guest introduction form and having the valuable ID card.

It is worth noting that members of the Central Library cannot use the services, resources, and facilities of the affiliated libraries of the AQR and vice versa, and those willing to use the services of the affiliated libraries need to join the intended branch. Joining the affiliated libraries is done manually and through the printed form.

It is important that an individual, who has joined one of Mashhad’s affiliated libraries, can use the study services and loans of other affiliated libraries in Mashhad through the membership card of the library. This plan, as an intra-libraries membership of Samen, has been done by the administration of the AQR affiliated libraries in Mashhad in order to promote the culture of book and reading- book, and facilitate access to study resources. Please, to get subtler information, review the regulation of membership plan and intra-libraries borrowing Samen.

Family membership is one of the specific services provided by AQR affiliated libraries. Family members, in this plan, can join the library in a group and use the library borrowing services by presenting the membership card. As head of a family is recognized as the head of the group, and the membership card is issued under his name and other family members, as membership sub-set, can use its facilities by visiting.

For further information about membership in the AQR Central Library, call on 051- 32243281 or email on membership.lib@aqr.ir, and contact the intended branches (affiliated libraries of Mashhad, affiliated libraries of provinces), for joining affiliated libraries. Also, to get information on the nearest affiliated library to own one’s residence, call on 051- 32238503

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