the oldest documents of the mosques

At the same time with the World Mosque Day the oldest documents of the mosques of the Holy Shrine of Razavi were unveiled. In the 177th scientific and cultural Tuesdays program of Astan Quds Razavi, the oldest documents of the mosques of the Holy Shrine of Razavi were unveiled.

According to Ganjineh Razavi, Zahra Fatemi Moghadam, official of evaluation and pre-archives of Astan Quds Razavi Records Department pointed to the position of mosques in urban identity as the center of crystallization of the best forms, creativity, and taste of Muslim architects.
Balasar Mosque Fatemi Moghadam stated Balasar Mosque in the west of Motahar Mosque and northwest of Dar al-Siadah as the first building that was built next to the Imam's mausoleum, and the oldest document is related to the year 1012 AH, which deals with the Maulana Muhammad Rumi's payment, the spreader for Balaser Mosque.
Gohar Shad Mosque
Fatemi Moghadam mentioned Goharshad Mosque as the most important mosque of Haram and also Mashhad, where all the functions mentioned about mosques are crystallized there.
He said: "This mosque is mentioned in the documents under the names Jame Mosque, Jame Kabir Mosque, Jame Mosque of Ard Aqdas and Goharshad Mosque, and the largest volume and number of documents related to mosques is centered on the Goharshad Mosque, which includes about 2500 documents and the oldest one is related to the year 1010 AH.
Posht Sar Mosque
Posht Sar Mosque which is mentioned in the documents with titles such as Posht Mobarak and Posht Sar Mobarak, is one of the other mosques of Razavi's Holy Shrine which he addressed and the oldest document related to it belongs to the year 1156 AH and the Afsharia period.

Riaz Mosque
He also mentioned the Riaz Mosque in the north-east of Holy Shrine which is also known as the Women's Mosque, among other mosques inside the Holy Shrine of Razavi, which today has become the portico of "Dar al-Faiz". Fatemi Moghadam said: "The presence of female pilgrims in the Holy Shrine of Razavi forced the custodians of the Shrine to create separate pilgrimage and worship spaces for them and this mosque is one of them, and the oldest related document belongs to 1255 and the Qajar period."
Pirzan Mosque
He pointed to a mosque called Pirzan Mosque and said:" Until 1987, there was a platform in the middle of Goharshad Jame Mosque, which was called Pirzan Mosque since the end of the Qajar period. "Two maps were prepared at the end of the Qajar period of the complex of the Haram and the Grand Mosque, in which the name of Pirzan Mosque can be seen." the expert added.

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