The Education Department This unit was established in June 2002. Some activities of this unit are as follows: - Holding In-Service training for the staff and the members. - Providing the data banks and coordinating the educational affairs regarding the training of apprentices. - Holding pre-service explanatory classes for the new recruits. - Planning for conducting the instructional workshops. Publication Department The main duty of publication unit is: planning, supervising, coordinating, performing and pursuing the technical affairs regarding the printing of the following: - The indexes of the manuscripts - The quarterly journal "The Library and Information Science" -Research projects, including the books or the research papers which are published - Newsletter of the Organization named Daneshvarz -The List of Brochures - Instructional pamphlets - Cultural, instructional and publicity posters Research Department The research department started its formal activity in 2000. Important duties of this department are as follows: - Conducting the courses concerning research methodology and methods of preparing questionnaires, assigning research priorities for the organization in the fields of librarianship, information science, manuscripts, documents and maintenance of museums. - Supporting the dissertations of complementary studies based on the research priorities of the organization. - Preparing the ground for the research activities of the staff. - Holding specialized meetings. - Executive management of the newsletter named Daneshvarz and the quarterly journal of the organization titled "The Library and Information Science" Supervision and Productivity Department The main duties of the experts of this department is to classify and assign responsibilities to the staff according to the real demands of the organization and the required standards in order to direct the process of rendering ideal services and also identifying the efficiency criterion and the assessment mechanism of staff working in the organization. Management Information System This system prepares necessary reports for the managers of the organization for taking decisions at different levels. Committees and Councils of the Organization Organization of Libraries, Museums and Center of Deeds of Astan Quds Razavi is managed under the Board of Managers appointed by the Chief Custodian of Astan Quds Razavi. The decisions are made according to the opinions and suggestions collected from the related committees and approved by the Chairman and the Board of Managers of the organization.

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