Deputy of the coordination

The Coordination Assistant and the Chairman of the Central Library is the Coordinator of the following affairs: A : The Librarian Services Office: Ordering, providing, organizing and cataloging the library materials and books in Persian, Arabic, English and many other languages, electronic and audio visual materials, maps and data entry into the computer system, coordination, maintenance and supporting the computer systems, internet and the other software and hardware affairs of the whole organization. This office consists of three departments including the Department of Ordering and Providing Sources, the Department of Organizing and Making Ready the Sources and the Department of Delivering Information Technology and Computer Affairs. B : Public Library Office: This office administers 21 reading halls including reading halls for the researchers(reference books auditorium), open access reading halls, closed reading halls, book lending hall, internet reading hall, audio visual reading hall, book circulation and reading halls for children and young adults, the reading hall of the valuable manuscripts of the Holy Quran and exquisite manuscripts and printed books, specialized reading halls for The Holy Quran and Hadith Sciences, the Holy Ahlul Bayt (A.S.), Geography, Literature, E-Library, museum related books and reading hall for foreign books in 64 languages, etc. These halls render services to both male and female members of the Central Library. The researchers’ hall and the gents’ open stack reading halls are open for public from 7 a.m. in the morning to 10 p.m. in night. The other halls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. By the end of month of March, 2011, the strength of full members of the library has surpassed 144000 persons and at present number of printed books in the Central Library is more than 1,200,000 volumes. At present, the Central Library building is enjoying a reading space with an area of more than twenty thousand square meters and more than 6000 researchers and students use everyday the sources and references present in the printed books treasuries and different reading halls of the Central Library. C : The Manuscripts Office: Preparing, preserving, indexing and recording the manuscripts in the computer system, photographing and preparing microfilms and CD's from the manuscripts, lithographic books, pamphlets, documents and handwritten papers as well as offering services to the researchers and cultural institutions within Iran and abroad are performed by this office. This office consists of two departments like the Manuscript Department and the Microfilm Archive Department. The present number of books in this office is as follows: By the end of March, 2011, the manuscript section treasured 61154 rare and old manuscripts (which includes 44242 manuscript books and 16057 manuscripts of the Holy Quran, which is considered as one of the largest collection of the manuscript copies of the Holy Quran in the world); 39765 old lithographic books; manuscript microfilms 47000 books, 36671 CDs of manuscripts and 9300 other hand written materials.

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