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The Management of Deeds and Press Affairs In 1980, an archive of periodicals incorporating the available publications, both endowed and donated, was established in the Central Library. In 1997 the Office of Deeds was holding 463,000 pieces of exquisite and historical documents. In 2003, its organizational level was promoted to the Management of Deeds and Press Affairs. At present the deeds department preserves 8,000,000 pieces of deeds. The periodical department holds more than ten thousand titles of periodicals with more than one million copies of journals and magazines. The Management of Deeds and Press Affairs consists of two groups, the Deeds' Group and the Press Group. The Deeds' Group consists of the Evaluation Section, the Treasure Section, the Specialized Library of History, the Reading Hall of the Deeds' Researchers, the Section of Indexing the Handwritten and Printed Documents and Photographs, the Archive Section of the Oral History, the History of Mashhad, the History of the Eight Year Imposed War and the History of Khorasan. The Press Group consists of the Section of Orders, Record and Treasuries of the Press, the Register and Order Unit, the Press Treasuries Unit, the Unit of Indexing and Abstracting the Press, the Section of the Press Reading Halls, the Researchers Hall, the Latin Publications' Hall and the Daily Newspapers Hall (Men and Women).

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