Administrative structure

The Organization of Libraries, Museums and Center of Deeds of Astan Quds Razavi is managed by the Board of Managers and the Director General is the chief administrator of the organization. The organization is also comprised of three assistance offices, Administrative Department, the Office of Public Relations and International Affairs and several units of experts in the fields of library, documents and museums. 1. The Assistance Office for Coordination of the organization is also the Chairman of the Central Library and supervises the below-mentioned three offices of the organization: A: Librarian Services Office B: Public Library Office C: The Manuscript Office 2. The Assistance Office of Museum Affairs is in charge of the below-mentioned three offices : A : The Treasuries' Office B: The Office of Researching and Introducing the Art Works C: The Office of Preserving and Restoring Cultural Works 3. The Assistance Office of the Affiliated Libraries manages two offices: a: The Office of the Affiliated Libraries in Mashhad b: The Office of the Affiliated Libraries in other cities and towns in Iran and abroad. 4 .The Management of the Deeds and Press Affairs is comprised of two groups: a: The Deeds' Group b: The Press Groups 5. Other departments of the organization: The Offices of the Public Affairs, Public Relations and International Affairs, the Expert Departments of Education, Publication, Research, Supervision, MIS, and the Periodical Section, the Quarterly Journal of the library work directly under the supervision of the Chairman of the organization.

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