The Deputy of Museums

The Assistance Office of the Museums Affairs This assistance office consists of three offices as below: A: The Treasuries Office The Treasuries Office comprises of the Central Museum with 12 different specialized museums which are located in two adjacent buildings situated in the southern part of the Holy shrine. The Central Museum building was inaugurated on February 11, 1996 and its specialized museums are as follows: - The Holy Quran and Exquisite Manuscripts Museum - Museum of precious objects donated by the Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic of Iran to the holy shrine - Carpet Museum - Astronomical Tools and Clocks Museum - Medals Museum -The China Crystal and Porcelain Utensils Museum - Museum of the History of Mashhad City - The Shell, Pearl and Sea Mollusks Museum - The Weaponry Museum - Visual Arts Museum - Stamps, Banknotes and Coins Museum - Anthropology Museum B: The Office of Studying and Introducing the Museum Objects This office is in charge of carrying out applied research regarding the cultural objects, compiling brochures and assigning records and scientific files for the objects in the museums. C : The Office for the Preservation and Restoring the Cultural Works The main duty of this office is the preservation of historical objects present in the museums and treasury of the Astan Quds Razavi and repairing them in a scientific way, binding the manuscripts, printed books and periodicals. Website of the Museums of the Astan Quds Razavi: http://www.aqm.ir/

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