Geographical Maps

There are more than 1700 Geographical maps with different varieties regarding scales and subjects in the centeral library of Astan – e – Quds – Razavi.

The available maps include in topography, natural, political division of the country, the maps of the other countries and the oldest maps as well as the latest ones in Persian and other foreign languages.

Geographical Atlases include, Atlas of Iran, big Atlases of the world, historical Atlas and the ones belong to the space. One of the available distinguished Atlases are the national Atlas of Iran which are published in 18 volumes.

The Oldest Map Availble In The Centeral Library

The oldest available map in the specialized library of Geography under the title of "The map of countries protected by the reverent Government of Iran "belongs to the time Gaajar period (The King Muzaffar). This map has been prepared by late Mohammad Reza Ebn late Hasan Ali Khan Gharache Daghi on 1316 L.C, 1277 p.c . It is a lithography print and its size are 100*100, Its scale has been introduced by Iranian Farsakh (unit of length equal to 6 kilimeters)

English mile and Rusian verst (unit of length equal to 1067 meters). This map which is a general map of Iran, is a completed map of Lord Kurzon the foreign minister of England, that has been drown and published in the Geography association of London. It was presented to the centeral library of Astan–e–Quds Razavi organization by Husain Ali Nur – Mohammadi in 1371 (1993

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