Endowmment and Presentation

The resources available in the organization of libraries , museums and document center have been obtained from different channels. Peoples ’ presentations and endowments are the main and important of them. The oldest book availble in the library is the one which has been endowed to the holy shrine in 327 L . C . ( 935 – 936 ) by Keshwad bin Amlas. This righteous norm has been continued so far. After the victory of Islamic Revolution , along with the extention of cultural services in AQR organization , the presentations and act of endowments have been amply increased , as well . So , the number of donated books have been exceeded 40/000 copies . At the same time , in the other fields also there have been a good amount of increase . For example hundred thousands of historical stamps have been added to the collection of donated stamps. To some extend the other resources including manuscripts , the ancient periodicals , documents , visual arts and carpets have been increased , too. We use this opportunity to mention the name of main endowers of the book , as well. The great role of grand personalities will never be neglected in stabilizing the pillars of scientific structure. Hope the Almighty God blesses all the book Endowers and they maybe blessed by our benefactor His Holiness Imam Ali bin Mussa al–Reza ( AS) , as well .

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