Toward the ideal society: a guideline (taken from Imam Reza's (a. s.) golden sayings

The book, Toward the Ideal Society is a Guideline taken from Imam Reza’s AS golden sayingsIts. author is Muhammad Hakeemi

 . It was translated by the international affairs deputy department the Ahlul-bayte (a.s) World assembly (ABWA) and edited for the first time at 2014.
Its content conclude as  follows: supplication and invocation, praise of the holy prophet (P.B.U.H and his household), believing in God and human Equality, rationalism, being science-centered, self-knowledge, cognition of time, social relationships on the basis of mutual knowledge and cognition, social duties, legalism and acceptance of limitation, human behavior with all people, the rights of brotherhood, having a measurement in life, the vital role of water, optimization of the usage of wealth, poverty as a great and huge chaos, the secret of the obligation of fasting, the role model of consumption, using all matters and materials, illegitimate incomes, human prestige and respect, human rights, beside the servants, the motive of collecting wealth, rationalism and acceptance of nurture, the domain of the duty of state and government, perfume and fragrance, cleanliness and hygiene, private or common, monopoly and restriction, exploitation and benefits, limitation of business profits, the ideal morality, hardworking in the natural life, working in the system of sharia, friendship relation, making the people happy and pleasant, fulfilling a promise, fathers and mothers, moderation and sobriety, court and judge in razavi’s (a.s) ideal and virtuous city, kindness with spouse (life-partner), more kindness to daughters, freedom in choice, thinking and contemplation, learning as a life-long process, the standard of human value, loving people, superiority of mother’s rights, expecting about future

AUTHOR(S):  Hakimi, Muhammad
DEWEY NO.: 297 .957 H 155 T

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